"Focused", (sold) Original oil on linen, 12" x 20" | © K Witherspoon | Founders Award in Oils Acrylics by the AAEA , Canvas Giclee and Web-Offset paper prints available

“Focused” earned the Founder’s Award in oil and acrylics at by the American Academy of Equine Art at the International Museum of the Horse. Size: 12″ x 20″
“Focused” is a true Giclée print created on archival-quality canvas using the finest archival inks to produce museum quality prints. 

It begins with the capture in a photography studio featuring a Better Light 4×5 Scan Back System to achieve unparalleled direct digital capture. At every stage of the printmaking process, color is closely managed to achieve a final rendering that’s as close to the original as the technology will allow.

The canvas prints are then varnished with Glamour 2, museum grade print varnish. The varnish provides protection from UV rays, dust and other environmental contaminants. Collectors are reminded to keep all art out of direct sunlight and harsh indoor lighting to avoid fading.

“Focused” giclée prints have been produced in a limited edition of (30).