Painting Supply List


-for students enrolling in Kay Witherspoon’s oil painting classes

A painting supply list for beginning art students should include what is minimally necessary and effective to allow the student to achieve multiple goals and effects. This can easily result in a very expensive outcome averaging around $350.00 (allowing for current inflation) for the beginning artist.  The list below can be paired down during the orientation process.

,The cost, however, can be reduced by: (1) purchasing oil painting sets; (2) buying on-line and registering with art supply sites to receive notifications of sales up to 60% – 80% off; (3) checking Google, Craig’s List,  eBay, Next Door.


Supplied by the Instructor for in class use:
* Easels
* Taboret Tables
* Chairs & Cushions
* Specialized Easel Lights
* 2 Commercial Sized Air Filters
* Paper Towels
* Special hand soap
* Brush Cleaner
* Image reference materials
* Misc. Paint Sample spots
* Image Tracing and duplication supplies and services
* Some brushes for resale to the artist

PAINTING SUPPLY LIST:  Artist Palette Seal size 12”x16” 
Accepts any 12 × 16″ Grey Matters paper palette and seals it, much in the same way Tupperware® seals food. You’ll save paint and valuable mixed tints and shades between painting sessions and have space to mix with easy clean-up.

83494 Grey Matters Paper Palette SZ 12” x 16” $13.59
Fits inside the Artist Palette Seal

67100 Ebony Splendor Brush Long Handle Round SZ 02 $3.39
67108 Ebony Splendor Brush Long Handle Filbert SZ 02 $3.19
67109 Ebony Splendor Brush Long Handle Filbert SZ 04 $4.19
67110 Ebony Splendor Brush Long Handle Filbert SZ 06 $4.39

06853 RS SIGNET FILBERT SER 42 SZ 01 $4.99
06854 RS SIGNET FILBERT SER 42 SZ 02 $5.39
06856 RS SIGNET FILBERT SER 42 SZ 04 $6.19

13508 Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank $6.49
Allows paint to slip off the brush, leaving brushes clean and pliable and ready for immediate use. Has a special coil against which brush may be rubbed. (Do not get the Mona Lisa tank!)

85804A Deluxe Professional Oil Primed Linen Stretched Canvas Centurion SZ 11”x 14” $60.34 (6 in a pack)
As an oil painter, it is important to work on oil primed surfaces. Oil prime will provide the best chemical bond for the paint layers that go on, afterwards. Secondly, gesso are acrylic based, and either repel oil if they have too high of a resin base, or absorb the oil too much if it is too matte, making color sink and look dull and lifeless. Oil priming allows the color to sit cleanly and brightly on the surface, with refraction of the white from below. Luxurious texture and archival tradition of linen!
HOWEVER, when cost is a serious issue, cotton canvases will do and can be purchased individually at Guiry’s.

66716 Canson Montval Spiral Watercolor Pads SZ 9”x12” $8.09
These watercolor pads are spiral bound to keep the sheets solidly in place and are also perforated for easy removal. The pad is used to apply color tests and notations during class lessons and will not bleed onto the other sheets below.

Oil paint 37 ml tubes: ( Student grade oil paints are acceptable and less expensive yet are NOT RECOMMENDED due to increased oil content and less pigment. It is more difficult to get values and intensity with student grade paints.

The prices listed in the painting supply list below are approximations only! *Less expensive Pre-Test Grumbacher paints can be substituted for the Winsor Newton paints. *Pigment choice is more often dictated by the painting subject and artist’s preferences.
Keep in mind that student grade oil paints are acceptable and less expensive.   However, they contain increased oil content and less pigment, making it frustrating to achieve the values, intensity, textures and thus desired effects.
The oil paints listed below represent a the more common pigments by reputable manufactures and used by professional artists. In addition, there are a few that I use to get depth and brilliance in my work.  We will go over them during the orientation.  The list below  provides a variety of hues to assist creative experimentation and mixing.

Winsor Newton &/or Gamblin Paints:
Size 37ml

● Burnt Sienna
● Williamsburg Alizarin Orange
● Cadmium Yellow
● Cerulean Blue
● Cobalt Blue
● Dioxazine Purple

● Olive Green 
● Permanent (Red) Rose
● Raw Umber
● Titanium White
● Ultramarine Blue
● Veridian 
● Yellow Ochre 
● Ivory Black
● Maganese Blue


Grumbacher Pre-Test Paints: Size 37ml
● Alizarin Crimson 
● Cadmium Yellow Pale  (different hue than Winsor Newton’s)
● Cadmium Red light 
● Cerulean Blue 
● Cadmium Yellow Light

● 8×10 Water Color Tablet
● Light Blue Colored Pencil
● Painting smock/clothes

Local, Internet & Catalogues
(303) 770-2572 – So. University Av. off County Line
(303) 805-4714 – 16534 Keystone Blvd., Parker, CO
(303) 972-9393 – W. Bowles Av. near SW Plaza

H.R. MEININGER CO. – (303) 698-3838 – on 5th and Broadway

JERRY’S ARTARAMA – (800) 827-8478
Ft. Collins Store – (970) 484-4240

Jerry’s Artarama website has consistently low prices to make the best of your painting supply list. Register on their site for notices on special sales, sometimes with 40% – 80% off regular prices