Kay Witherspoon

Artist – Oil Painter – Instructor

Landscape, Animal, and Polo Art | Oil Painting Classes / Workshops

“Escape From the Fiery Inferno”
Copyright 2017-2018 by Kay Witherspoon
All rights reserved


Kay Witherspoon has been identified as “One of the premier equine painters in America” (Coast Magazine, SC) and painter of “…the best horses I’ve ever seen painted” (Robert Bateman, credited as the most influential wildlife painter of all time by art historian and curator, David Wagner, PhD).

She is a traditional realist painter whose work is distinctive for its luminous bold color, it’s accuracy in detail and form, and it’s composition design and perspective. Her technical skills in layering, glazing, and skumbling expertly depict her animal’s character and the environments in which they are found.


What’s new

“Catching up on the business side of art, tending to year end accounting, and diving into painting atmospheric landscapes.”


A new beginners/intermediate class begins the 2nd week in February.

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Albert Bierstadt
“Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point Trail”
CA 1873 | Oil on canvas
Yale University Art Gallery

We begin 2018 by studying beautifully created sunset landscapes by master painters. We will create one or more of our own using specialized techniques, materials, and atmospheric perspective. I will provide demonstrations at the beginning of each class.

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