Witherspoon Fine Art

Colorado Artist, Kay Witherspoon

Founder and Owner

Since 1997

Promoting beauty and its relationship to fine art through standards and excellence in traditional, realistic oil painting is the purpose of Witherspoon Fine Art and Colorado artist, founder, and owner, Kay Witherspoon.

"Determination" © Kay Witherspoon, 12" x 22”, oil on linen (SOLD)  Presented the Award of Excellence - Society of Animal, canvas giclée prints available

“Determination”, 10″ x 26″, oil on linen, SOLD
Copyright Kay Witherspoon, 2010

“Determination” – Recipient of the Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence in 2010 at the 50th SAA National Exhibition in San Diego, CA. Copyright by Kay Witherspoon, all rights reserved. Giclee canvas prints available for $295.00.

Studio, Gallery, Classroom

9760 Mayfair Street, Studio B
Lone Tree, CO 80112

Witherspoon Fine Art History

“Fine art at its best has the power to move one to tears, or grab your sensibilities and rivet you in the moment with an overwhelming sense of beauty and excitement. People often report the sensation of cold chills going up and down their spine. It may be the rare work that accomplishes this, but for those who have had this experience, many have credited it as the stimulus that set them on a personal lifetime quest; whether as an artist, collector or art historian. Other human activities can create a similar experience, whether in poetry, literature, dance, theatre, or music, but it is the experience of beauty in fine art and beauty and its relationship to fine art that is the focus of …” Kay Witherspoon’s choice to become an oil painter.

Borrowed from*The Philosophy of ARC (Art Renewal Resource) by Fred Ross.

“I encourage viewers and those interested in taking my adult art class to review my own work because that is the style I teach. I am a student of great masters of realism, striving as you no doubt are, to create beauty, feed the soul, yet still fulfill multiple life roles. I hope you will join in, learn, laugh, build friendships, and create beauty within a community of fellow artists.” – Kay Witherspoon

Witherspoon Fine Art was founded in 1998 in Littleton, CO by Kay Witherspoon. In 2004, it relocated to Douglas county, Colorado, 1 block north from the new CU South Campus. Her fully owned 1800 sq. ft. townhouse studio/gallery was specifically purchased new for use as Kay’s private art studio, classroom, and gallery. Witherspoon has a BA in Art Education, is a retired high school art instructor with duo MA’s in counselor education and marriage and family therapy. She has been teaching classes and working as a professional artist since 1997; is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA), the American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA), and the Artists for Conservation (AFC), as well as an associate member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) and Oil Painters of America (OPA); (See Artist).

Kay Witherspoon use a mentor instruction style that meets each student where they are while still utilizing formal instruction techniques. Her class is for students of all levels who want to focus on practicing the classic atelier art principles of composition, design, color, perspective, mood, techniques, etc. Animal subjects and landscapes are the specialized focus. Students, however, are encouraged to work on subject matter of their choice (subject to a review with the instructor) as they are more likely to be emotionally excited about it and to do well with it. Kay employs: class demonstrations often personalizing them to the individual student; periodic and optional class painting projects; and discussions with handouts on color theory, art principles, and composition.