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These reviews are in regard to classes taught by professional artist, Kay Witherspoon, owner of Witherspoon Fine Art

The reviews reflect the opinions of both former and current students who have taken or are taking oil painting classes from Kay Witherspoon through Witherspoon Fine Art.  If you have taken a class from Kay Witherspoon and would like to submit your review for consideration please use the comment form at the bottom of the page.



Emily Allred
Nov. 2021
I’ve been taking lessons with Kay since 2019, and it’s a highlight of my week. She an excellent teacher and artist. She can look at my painting for just a few moments and pinpoint exactly what it needs to have a more realistic look. Her knowledge of oil paints, both colors and manufacturers, and brushes is mind-blowing. It is a privilege to learn to paint with Kay as my guide. Highly recommend!!

poornima gopal

Poornima Gopal
December 2021

I feel so honored and lucky to have such a talented professional artist take classes so close to where I live. She helped me bring out the artist in me I had no idea of. In the last three years of going to Kay’s classes I have learnt so much about oil painting techniques, paints, brushes, canvases and the list goes on.
Very grateful to Kay and her painting lessons! ❤️


Nov 2021

Kay has an experienced eye for how to improve a painting. She also gives helpful painting/color techniques at each lesson. Pleasant class environment.

Donna Williams
August 2021

This is a positive, energizing studio and Kay is both an outstanding painter and an inspiring instructor.

Kathy Heinrich

November 2021
Excellent artist and excellent teacher. Hard combination to find–she is fabulous!

Sarah Park
I love Kay. She is a great artist.
June 2021

Before Covid, coming and seeing you every Saturday was the highlight of my weekend. Painting with you is so relaxing and I improved immensely with your pointers and advice. Witherspoon Art is incredible to see, especially in person. I’m so lucky to say I’ve had the honor of painting with you, and I can’t wait to continue in the future.

James Meyers
3 months ago
5 Star Review!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEWS SUBMITTED TO Witherspoon Fine Art

Nov 10, 2018


I just want to tell you thank you and how much I appreciate you and your class. I have already learned so much. I look forward to Thursday’s like never before. I enjoy you as a person and admire and respect you as an artist and teacher.

Thank you for everything.

Kellie B


November, 2018

I’ve been Kay’s student for about half a year now, I’ve really enjoyed my classes.

Her techniques & attention to details makes you realize the finesse that goes into creating a great painting. She provides spot on suggestions on color values, compositions, & lighting.

Her energy & passion in art helps you create life-like paintings. The class setting is great to zone out and paint, she also has delicious snacks.

Diveena T.



October 2018

I have been going to Kay’s painting classes since May 2018, and I am absolutely glad I found her on Yelp. Her artwork is unquestionably amazing and so is she as a teacher!
Kay pays attention to every single person in her class and constantly encourages us, which is plays a huge role if you are a beginner like me 🙂
If you are interested in learning oil painting from a professional artist in Denver area, Kay is your best bet!
I highly recommend her.

Poornima G.


September 2018

Just want to tell you how glad I am that you’re teaching again. I’ve never been more inspired by a teacher..seriously! You have made me see things I haven’t seen and consider things I’ve never considered. You’re not only an incredible artist… you’re an insightful instructor. I’m so lucky I found you!

Darlene M

May 2018

Kay has a genuine desire to share her craft with all skill levels. Regardless of where you are in ability, ( even if you don’t think you have any) in a very positive, patient and encouraging way she will pull more out of you. Because of Kay’s positive spirit the class environment emulates that as well. It is a non-competitive environment.

I am a beginner without any experience. Everyday I look at my first painting and can’t believe I created it. It’s definitely due to the guidance Kay provided. She has a subtle way of helping you gain confidence that you’ll use in and out of the classroom.

Don’t hesitate to call and join a class. It’s life changing!

Thank you Kay!

Barbara G.


May, 2018

I had taken several oil painting classes before I started with Kay Witherspoon.   Under her tutoring, I have done paintings that I am very proud to hang on my wall and to have entered in shows.  She takes the time to help each student, individually, to reach their best.   If you seriously want to become a better artist, give this class a try.

Jane C


Although I have had the desire to paint most of my life, it wasn’t until I attended your classes that I was able to complete a painting as I envisioned it should be.  You helped me to understand composition, values, and the subtleties of color mixing.  As one of your students, I gained the confidence that I had previously lacked.  I probably learned more about painting in my first year with you than all my years of taking art classes and studying with other artists.

What I found to be the most valuable about your classes was learning how to get the colors right.  More than capturing form, you taught me to combine colors that brought my paintings to life.  You helped me to understand the use of warm and cool colors, about reflective light, and how to achieve softly-diffused edges to create distance.  You teach techniques that normally take an artist a lifetime to master.
Tee M


Wonderful day today! I had my Buffalo at displayed at my desk at work. A girl walked by today and asked if she could buy it, she just loved it…
Deena B


Kay, I can’t tell you how much we (Nik and I) enjoy your class, the comradery, the comfort that we feel. Nikki and I go out of our way to make sure we don’t miss a class. It is not just the painting but the friendship and kindness that just oozes from everyone! It is such a nurturing experience!
Debbie G


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