Polo Art

Polo Prints and Oil Paintings

By special invitation of
The Guards Polo Club, UK

“We are delighted to have an

artist of your caliber

and relevance on board.”

“These are best paintings of horses I’ve ever seen (painted)!”( Sir Robert Bateman – The Society of Animal Artists 47th Annual “Art And The Animal Exhibition,)”

Original Polo Oil Paintings

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"Clash of the Centaurs" ©Kay Witherspoon , 42" x 32" oil on linen polo painting - Available.
"Champagne Polo"© Kay Witherspoon, 16" x 20" oil on linen, - Available
"Bravura"© Kay Witherspoon, 14" x 11" oil on linen - Available
"Crescendo"© Kay Witherspoon, 24" x 12" oil on linen polo painting - Available
"Lazy Day in Wellington”© Kay Witherspoon, 14" x 28" oil on linen - Available

“…We have had many compliments on the program this year – the cover specifically. Players can be very particular about polo art because there always seems to be something not quite right about the tack, the pony, the player, etc. “Obsession” is almost a polo lesson in and of itself. The players are in position, the subject player is beginning a swing with perfect form – hard to do and hard even to photograph – can’t imagine getting it right in oil. He’s also balanced and is not “in the pony’s mouth” with the bit. Such a great piece, and we’re fortunate to have it as the cover this year. Thanks again.”
– Tony, Lexington, KY

Fine Art Polo Prints

Witherspoon Fine Art prints are produced in limited editions of 30 by a master printer using high-quality archival inks on fine art canvas or papers using a high-resolution large format Giclée (French for “sprayed on”) ink jet printer. Premium inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors, making these prints ideal for extraordinary presentations.

"World Champions" © Kay Witherspoon, 18” x 22”,  (SOLD) canvas giclée print and web-offset paper prints - Available
"Snow Polo at St. Moritz" is an 18" x 18" polo oil painting (SOLD) by Kay Witherspoon.
"Obsession" © Kay Witherspoon, 18" x 24”, oil on linen, web-offset paper prints - Available
"Precision"©, by artist Kay Witherspoon is a 12" x 24" oil painting (SOLD) available as a canvas giclée print ($210) or a web-offset paper print ($210).
"Focused" ©Kay Witherspoon, 12" x 20", oil on canvas (SOLD), awarded first place in oils & acrylics, the Founder's Award, by the American Academy of Equine Art, canvas giclée print and web-offset paper - Available
"In the Line of Fire" ©Kay Witherspoon,16” x 15”, oil on linen,  (SOLD) available as a web-offset paper print
“Strike Force" ©Kay Witherspoon, 12" x 24" oil on linen  (SOLD), canvas giclée prints available
"Intensity" ©Kay Witherspoon, 20" x 16" oil on linen (SOLD) web-offset paper prints available

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