Traditional Oil Paintings in the Classical Tradition
by SAA 2x award of excellence signature artist,  Kay Witherspoon, MA, SAA

© Copyright 1997    Kay Witherspoon
All rights reserved 

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Artist's Statement


"Golden flight at Dawn"

"The red umbrella"

"For me, art is a creative process resulting in the tangible expression of awe-inspiring wonder.  It is that wonder that fuels my desire to recreate that singular moment of wondrous inspiration. "

As a professional artist others’ imaginations and excite within them the wonder, the joy, and the drama of life. Natural and realistic subjects, dynamic and dramatic or subtle movements and atmospheric changes all rich with color, atmosphere, textures, and intensity inspire me to recreate with paint, canvas, brush, and composition.

As with classical traditionalist painters like Rembrandt and contemporary wildlife artists creativity begins with seeing my subjects realistically and relating to them emotionally through that visual experience. Through the use of stop-action field photography I record the details of many of these images and their movements in their natural state. On canvas I often combine these images with ideas inspired from other photographic excursions, from visits to art galleries, from research in art books and magazines, and from within my soul.

Studio work begins when I arrange and edit these images and ideas to design my composition in dry brushwork on tinted canvas or board. I become  identified with, and a part of, whatever I transformed into paint. I select the tubes of color and various natural hair brushes to compliment and portray images, mood, technique, and  composition.  It is this sensual identification process - color, form, texture, smell, sound, taste, and sixth sense -  that drives me to create. If I am successful with a piece I will be able to step back from it and visually and emotionally relive the first moments in which I experienced my inspiration.  

With each painting I undertake, I am aware of our heavenly Father and the awe-inspiring beauty and sensual joy that He created in our natural world.  Perhaps it is how I pray the most.  I know it's how I strive to give thanks.

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