Traditional Oil Paintings in the Classical Tradition
by SAA 2x award of excellence signature artist,  Kay Witherspoon, MA, SAA

Copyright 1997    Kay Witherspoon
All rights reserved 

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Kay Witherspoon's award winning painting,
Awarded the Award of Excellence by the Society of Animal Artists at the 2010,
 50th Anniversary of the Art and The Animal Exhibition and National Tour which opened at
the San Diego Natural History Museum
, California on September 4th, at the of 2010


10" x 26"       Oil on Belgium linen   Copyright 1997    Kay Witherspoon       SOLD


"Throughout my life as a westerner I have frequented Yellowstone National Park with the specific intentions to see the bison .  Understanding that extreme winters can often be 30 to 50 degrees below zero and with tremendous winds, it's easy to appreciate this ancient animal's tenacity for survival."  Kay Witherspoon

Bison are distinguished from buffalo by their: hairy fur coat; sharp horns used for defense; huge hump over the top of their front legs; thick beard encircling their rib cage; an attacking nature when threatened; height of up to six feet; speed of up to 35 mph (56 km/h); and weight of up to 1400 kgs.) Bison have survived extreme weather conditions and rugged terrain and are estimated to be around 2,500,000 strong world-wide as opposed to a buffalo population of around 150 million across the world.  They are among the most dangerous animals encountered, attacking humans if provoked. Between 1978 and 1992 nearly five times as many people in Yellowstone Nation Park were killed or injured by bison as by bears (12 by bears, 56 by bison).  When fleeing wolves in open areas, cows with young calves take the lead, while bulls take to the rear of the herds, to guard the cows' escape.

"We have viewed thousands of artists both on and off line. We visited your site and were extremely impressed with your body of work.  You represent the Best of Worldwide artists, an artist who has exhibited style, innovation and uniqueness."                                             (Best of Worldwide Animal & Wildlife Artists, 2010 - 2011)